Ambiance of Meaning

The basis of the Bahamat Project and the Forge of Meaning is the concept platform of the esoteric school the Black Lotus, that now exists in secret hide-out. The authors of this project are former adepts of that School.

Our goal is to generate a special ambiance in which the process of personal development can be activated, the human essence - the original human nature can be revealed. It is the ambiance of Meaning that induces a person to understand a genuine purpose of his existence.

Today many people feel that the support of previous swiftly obsolescent meanings is disappearing. The gaping holes occur on and on. The Great Void gnashes its teeth. What do I live for? Why? For whose sake? Those who have found no sense lose the vital power, they can't even lift a finger. Those who know what do they live for are able to pull through incredible difficulties, hellish wheels, to survive, to escape and to come closer to their goal.

The time is ripe for looking for the meaning in the narrow tunnel of the reality of life. Each person has his own unique predestination, a true calling. From the darkness, from the shadows it presses us, bows and squeezes, stings painfully inducing us to reveal it.

In the ambiance of meaning the sound of essential questions is intensified: Who am I? Who are my companions? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What do I live for?

Actually the answers to all of these questions lead to the powerful resources which used to be available only for ancient prophets, saints, ascetics, the great Initiated. Today we have ventured to recreate a large-scale reality of the myth in modern conditions.