The Tao of Black Lotus


The time when methodology was imposed on us passed away. Now everybody can choose it himself or, what's more interesting, create his own one. We have stepped on the second path.
Polikarpov V. A. «Quasigraphic objects»

Yoiji (School adept) always remembers where he was born. He was born in the School. The School is his Matrix. Until the Matrix exists – he's invincible. That's why Yoiji nurses the Spirit of the School in his heart.
The code of Yoiji

It doesn't matter what tradition you are in or who's your Guru. It's only important how unified you are with the Reality.
Ananda Atma «Strategy of Originality»


black lotus

The School is the most wonderful and meanwhile the most terrible thing which can happen in somebody's life. They said so and added: Either the School is inside of you or you are inside of the School.

A person fascinated with the magic of these words was capable of the spiritual deed as if soaring above his Ego. The adept of the School – Yoiji under the conditions of so called destructive sect gained a unique experience of spiritual resonance and comprehension, which can't be repeated under conditions of everyday social routine.

In society there is a scattering, personal growth ceases – a person becomes degraded and turns into an appendage of the industrial civilization, forcedly comparing himself with standards of the society of mediocrities enchained with national and class prejudices and restrictions. There is no alternative, isn't there?

The tradition of School education originates through thousands of years from the deep ancientness. This river flows through space and time.

A frivolous and fleeting glance would catch in a Black Lotus conception a pronounced Taoist – Buddhist orientation. However the Teaching of Tao and Buddhist dharma have already overpassed all the language and territorial barriers. Now the time is ripe for combining traditions through the human consciousness and a human has to integrate them. Integration is the evolutionary purpose of a modern person.

black lotus

A sacred essence of the Black Lotus tradition was transferred through the generations of Masters. The fact of such transferring was expressed in a poetical phrase: «In the pith of black lotus a white dragon hides». It's a metaphor of enlightenment and succession. In one generation Master could be dark, in the next one - light. No matter if he's dark or light- both of them are faithful votaries of the School Spirit.

Lucky me – my teacher at the School was a black Magician called EseN. Although he was a trickster and malefactor of the deepest dye, he was a bearer of Tradition. To become his successor meant to become his great contrast. Only this way through the interaction of Yin and Yang, of Dragon and Tiger a sacred essence of the Teaching took place. A spark of this transfer could be concentrated in a blaze of war, rebel and revolution. So both rivals – teacher and learner got traumatic experience of the sacred initiation. This is the Unity and the Struggle - the Tao of all opposites.

Once the writer Eteri Chalandziya, who I met at one of the Black Lotus sessions, told me that a Latin word «secta» (eng. sect) means school. I was unhappily surprised - first, as I couldn't confirm or refute that statement because of my ignorance and second, as it sounded like a lethal diagnosis. I definitely didn't want such a lot for me – to live my life in a sect! «You are doomed to death like a deer beaten by a Komodo dragon», - she added glancing at our Teacher. – «You won't go far. He'll eat you anyway after you languish of his poison».

The reality behind her metaphor terrified me. School, Fellows, Teacher... Is everything just a delusion? Deception? Fata morgana?

I remembered this conversation only after several years when I smelt fetid breath from the open chaps of the «Komodo Dragon» in front of my face.

It was found by the science that a child initiates his delivery by himself, but as he still remains united with his environment, i.e. with the uterus, he takes it for «a bolt from the blue». The School was carrying me in its womb for fifteen years and suddenly its uterus started to contract. Because I've made this decision.

I decided to change an existing order and I launched a challenge against my Teacher. I made a last-ditch effort to get back my will. «What have you done?»- my Teacher shook his head.- «You've just killed yourself», he added. With these words he punched me and this punch was so hard that it sent me to the wide open spaces of the Universe with the acceleration at a growing rate. Ossu, Sensei! It was really painful!

I died and relived and it was the deepest transpersonal experience in my life. The opposite of Death Gate is Life Gate. In one world you die – in another you are born.

Our project Forge of Meaning is an open territory for integrated self-development that incorporates the strategy of self-cultivation Nine Celestial Masters and methodology of Five Rings of Power. Kung-fu remains a basic axial practice which the integration occurs through.

After we had been lucky to leave the Black Lotus we decided to refuse the sectarian insulation and personality cult of one Teacher as they are evolutionary unreasonable and even destructive elements of the previous paradigm of self-development. We are focused on discovering the Selfhood, on the connection with inner sense of truth and on free will.