Five Rings of Power

Rings of Power are magic artifacts which rule natural elements and arches. They were intended for someone who invents the Reality by himself – for the Creator.

- Look! Your shadow! Who's hiding in it? - the Ancient Child exclaimed.
- Nobody, - the Creator replied.
- This Nobody is so good at hiding. I hardly recognized him,- the Ancient Child said.

The Creator smiled and gave five rings of Power to that Nobody who hid in his shadow. Now if Nobody can use the Rings of Power, he will reach the level of the Creator. But what rings are they?

The first one is the Ring of Relation

ring of relation

In this ring the Spirit is directed towards the Soul and the Soul towards the Spirit. The Point of Contact appears here. A Woman and a Man love each other. The Conception happens here. A semen fertilizes an ovicell. Coition, connection, primary ecstatic impulse. Inspiration. A spark passing through the Point of Contact. Admiration, charge, impression, image. The Element of Fire.

The Transcendent Creator effused his semen into the depth of the Eternal Ocean, where it has thickened and turned into the Primogen Egg. A cause-and-effect chain appeared and the Creation began.

Any process starts here. For instance, a process of forced breathing, which is practised by Pearl Divers. A Pearl Diver gets in touch with his natural breathing, with his body sensation and with all processes occurring inside of him – it is his Reality. He makes an attunement with himself. Then the Pearl Diver makes a cycle of deep and fast breathing with the focus on inhale – he fans the fire. When the furnace is fired up, he dives into the deep but keeps on breathing – his gills become open.


The next one is the Ring of Presence

ring of presence

The second stage, which corresponds the Ring of Presence, starts here. A certain content, material, rock is being revealed. The task is being detected. It can be felt as a pain pattern, that permanently remains in the breath flow, in the body. It can include emotions, thoughts, motives, memories and transcendental experience as well. All this stuff should be accepted and experienced. The deeper a Diver plunges - the larger pearl he gets.

The Point of Choice appears in this Ring. Should I attempt the task or it's more than I can bear? What rhythm of breathing should I use? Should I dive into the deep or just plunge?

The Element of Earth. There is a formation, maturation of the fetus. An embryo grows up and develops in the womb.

Brahma was sleeping inside the Primogen Egg and dreamed of the Universe. This stage matches the first basic perinatal matrix of S. Grof. Brahma dreamed of birth, rise and extinction of the World. Willing not to witness the death of his Creation Brahma decided to wake up. It is the Point of his Choice.


The Ring of Restriction

ring of restriction

At the moment of awakening Brahma feels pain. It's the Ring of Restriction. The Element of Metal.

By his awakening Brahma only hastened the beginning of the inevitable. Suddenly, the Primogen Egg became tight and stuffy. The Reality tightened and squeezed all round.

It is the second basic perinatal matrix of S. Grof. The uterus starts to contract.

Brahma is observing the death of the Universe. He seems to be dying and the end has come. Here is the Point of Assemblage. It is a place where the energy of awakening thickens and the feeling of defined self occurs. That is the Pearl which you should have dived so deep for! The Diver feels water pressure. The closer to the core – the harder the pressure. This stage is like an agony. You can feel cold and scare, choke, squeeze and despair.

A Diver is swallowed by a whale. All efforts are vain. The Ring of Restriction is a needle's eye we pass through. Acceptance, humility, trust, courage, compassion – these are five salutary words of the Ring of Restriction.


The Ring of Condition

ring of condition

A Diver takes the Pearl and dips into the Ring of Condition. The Element of Water.

Suddenly a pain pattern transforms into a brook of energy running from one part of the body to another. There's a stream of power which resembles the deep-water dragon that the Pearl Diver rides. Here is a connection to a source. Full, free and very intense breathing with the whole body, even with bones.

Here comes the Point of Support, a foothold. Here is a battle for life.

Brahma cracks the shell of Primogen Egg from inside and rises from the depth of the Eternal Ocean. He makes a hyper-effort, subjects the Reality and fervently aspires to break free. The third perinatal matrix of Grof.


The Ring of Realization

ring of realization

So Brahma was born and pushed out by the waves of the Eternal Ocean. This is the Ring of Realization – the final one. The Element of Wood.

Brahma emits a sacred sound of AUM. As a result what scientists call the Big Bang occured. One part of the shell of Primogen Egg formed the Heaven, another one formed the Earth. Five Elements joined together in countless and inimitable combinations. Due to baby's cry the Universe was born. The Point of Reference appears here.

Since then in order to be fully realized everything in the Universe undergoes transformation in the Five Rings of Power and finds its Point of Reference, as everything needs its special time!

In the transition from Ring of Condition to a Ring of Realization a Diver can feel heat and fury. But as soon as he plunges into the Ring of Realization, inhale and exhale will merge and become just two parts of a Whole.

On the fifth stage of breathwork the Integration occurs. A forced part of a big process is over. The Ring of Realization is defined by natural senses of peace, satiation and balance. A Diver admires the Pearl he has raised from the sea floor.