Nine Celectial Masters

According to the legend, the Jade Emperor invited nine buddhas to ask them to become teachers for his son. Nine buddhas assembled and created the Cosmic Yantra each plane of that forms a field of a certain aspect of Power. Eight buddhas were responsible for eight planes of the Yantra. The ninth buddha was responsible for the Center. The son of the Emperor gradually entered each sector of the Yantra where he got an initiating lesson.

The Patron revealed the Power of Ancestry


This buddha keeps the forefathers' inheritance, their testament. He connects a person with the resource of Birth, with the relict sources of vitality and with the springs of genetic memory, that are as ancient as evolution itself. He's a Primogenitor whose continuation we are. He's a forebear who protects, blesses and like no one else is interested in our existence. His presence is expressed in a sense of life, in experience of birth and death, in primordial instincts. He knows exactly and prompts who's friend and who's foe, what's beneficial and what's harmful, when you have to attack and when you have to step back.


The Warrior revealed the Power of Will


He mobilizes all the resources for the achievement of the purpose. He gathers them into a bundle. By means of Will the Warrior realizes his intention and brings new lands under cultivation. This buddha is always ready to die. When it's necessary he pronounces a Mantra of Anger acting unflinchingly and relentlessly. He's a Master of the Art of War. He hones his combat skills all the time. His presence is expressed in a sense of purpose, in honest self-expression, in the unity of form and will, in a present moment. Everything he has is the way of Heart.


The Wizard revealed the Power of Faith


This sector is special. We can't take even a step without faith. Every move we make is based on faith. We know so little about ourselves and about the world but we believe. We believe in our lucky star, we believe in kindness. Faith is a basis of Magic. What does this buddha believe in? He believes in Meaning, in Essence, in God, in a magical entity of Existence. By means of his faith the Wizard tells the mountain to come up and it does. By means of his faith he transforms the reality and he creates. His presence is expressed in a sense of mysterious, secret and different things, in intuition, in the Might of forms of the supernatural force that rules everything.


The Thinker revealed the Power of Mind


This buddha possesses a critical gift which helps him to sift out ashes from cinders. He's capable of exscinding the needless, untying the knots, allowing for all possibilities. He's a source of intellectual assets. He teaches to analyze, to plan, to make an inventory. He's a man of Knowledge. He's Strategist and Philosopher. He's attentive to all little things, he's precise and impartial. Understanding everything, everybody, every event and their cause-and-effect connection – is a result of his evaluation. His presence is expressed in a sense of meaning, in insight, in regulating, in putting forth ideas.


The Healer revealed the Power of Proportion


The presence of the Healer is expressed in a sense of proportion, in the deep knowledge of what to do and how to help yourself. He's a music tuner of the human body, he leads it to a tonal purity of a reference frequence. The Healer measures the efforts, balances the opposites, corrects the structure and brings together all the parts of the whole. He's responsible for body recovery, in disbalance he bring us back to the mark of Health. He also forms right attitude to the pain, teaches to accept it and to work at it. The Healer is a witchdoctor, a herbalist and a venom keeper.


The Storyteller revealed the Power of Word


The word connects a subtle plane with a gross plane of the Universe. As a bearer of Meaning a word can attract a spiritual substance into the reality. The Storyteller has the gift of the gab and charisma. He's got the Mead of Poetry upon his lips. He's a guide to the Core. He opens the doors of the miraculous world of the Myth offering us an opportunity to set off for a magic journey. His is expressed in a sense of narrative style, in inspirational speech, in a magic talk. His lesson is comprehension of the names of all things and events in the world. The Storyteller avoids prate. His word is tough, honest and weighty.


The Watcher revealed the Power of Fate


Everything we were given – our true calling, our mission, our talent – is our Fate. It's all the staff we had with us coming into this world. This buddha is a Gardener of your life. He tills the Fate of every single person and of all humanity in general. He makes a selection and cultivation of the evolutionary reasonable features, he gets rid of pests and parasites, clears the debris. His presence is expressed in a sense of true calling, in a sense of responsibility, in self-observation, humility and acceptance. He's calm, attentive, hardworking and as a result he's solid. The Watcher always pays attention for omens, signs, synchronicity and clues. He warns, guards and puts out of harm's way.


The Seeker revealed the Power of Freedom


This buddha realizes free choice and makes decisions getting rid of stereotypes and prejudices. He incessantly maintains search activity choosing the best option. Freedom is also the Unknown. As people usually fear the Unknown, they also fear the freedom. The Seeker is an explorer, a hunter,a test pilot. He fearlessly takes the road, goes beyond the borders of the familiar yearning for changes. His presence is expressed in a sense of Way, in flexibility , in a sense of independence. His lesson is about a point of choice, that determines a further direction.


The ninth buddha - The Creator represents the Self, i.e. the Power of real self.


However the learner didn't meet anyone in the Center of the cosmic Yantra where he should have got the final lesson. He had been waiting patiently for nine days and nine nights until he got totally distracted. Why does this mysterious Creator refuse to teach him? This very special moment should affirm his succession right. Does it mean that the learner hasn't met the challenge? The learner faced an essential question: Who am I? This question was stinging and sticking from inside. What am I for? The answer came from the deep inside and it was surprising. The ninth buddha hid inside of him from the very beginning – his inner teacher, the guide. Now he was giving the guidance, he needed nothing but hang upon his words. All the aspects of Power were joined together in the center of Cosmic Yantra where the Creator appeared and all nine buddhas were standing around him with the palms put together above their bowing heads.